Cops and Monsters – Fight the Bite!

I’m really happy to be able to share my episode of Cops and Monsters with you. Called Fight The Bite, it was just released and you can watch it online.

I was invited to write an episode of this last summer, and worked on a treatment then a couple of drafts of the script. I’m so happy with the resulting episode, which was released a few days ago. I loved writing for this – the existing characters and story world were so much fun to work on, and I created a few new characters.

There are a few scenes in this that I am particularly proud of (* at the end if you want minor spoilers) but I think it’s all great. Hopefully the rest of the cast and crew are as happy as I am – it’s a brilliant show to be part of! Thanks to everyone involved for making it what it is, particularly the series showrunner and director Fraser Coull, whose vision is leading the way.

You can watch the rest of the series on the Cops and Monsters YouTube channel. Episode 4 (Revolution in a Teacup) has a great summary of the series so far at the start of the episode, too.

Here’s a little catch-up if you’ve not seen the rest of the series: Maya is an officer in PITS, a supernatural police force working in near-future Glasgow. She helps keep the peace between humans, vampires, werewolves and zombies along with the rest of the squad, including her recent ex-boyfriend Martin. PITS are working hard to find out more about the sinister Cult of Many Faces and capture his dangerous werewolf assistant Alexis (or Lycan A202, as she’s known to PITS). After Alexis kills a prominent vampire, they are informed that she’s on the hunt for the head werewolf, and things pick up – but there’s a catch. The Cult has captured Martin, and things don’t look good.

* the support group at the start, the prison, and Ali and Grace’s phone call, to name but a few!