Love & Pies – Released in UK

Love & Pies, the new game by Trailmix which was written by me, recently launched for mobile in the UK.

Love & Pies is a brand new puzzle game where you can merge and match tasty treats to make them even sweeter. Discover something unique, easy to learn and hard to put down!

Part romance, part mystery, all fun, it’s a story full of twists and turns. You’ll meet fun characters like old flames, a nasty nemesis, eccentric relatives and lots of suspicious locals all while trying to solve the grand mystery.

I am responsible for Narrative Design and Screenwriting on the game. I create the game bible – including characters, world building, storylines and backstories – write all episodes, dialogue, barks, etc, and contribute to tutorials and online content.

Love & Pies is available now on iTunes or Google Play in the UK, Canada, Finland, Netherlands and Philippines. Soft launched in early 2021, coming to more countries later in the year!