The Advocate – story published

A while back I blogged about being selected for the fantastic Echoes of the City project, and I’m pleased to say that this has now launched, which means my story is available to read – and to hear.

Echoes of the City is an innovative project which uses Podwalk, a geolocation app which allows users to listen to stories as they hit certain points in a place on their phone. In the case of Echoes of the City, app users can walk around Edinburgh and hear stories inspired by specific places in the capital.

My story, The Advocate, takes place in St Giles Street, just off the Royal Mile. It’s a little fairy tale about a drunken woman walking home one night, whose evening takes a strange and nasty turn. I conceived it as a bit of a clash of Edinburgh past and present; a contemporary woman from Edinburgh meets an ancient Edinburgh man, giving a glimpse at the dark side of the justice system, sanitation, and morality of hundreds of years ago compared to the (fairly) clean, tourist friendly and liberal Edinburgh I know and love today. I wrote The Advocate especially for the Echoes of the City opportunity, so it’s lovely for it to have been chosen.

If you’re in Edinburgh I’d urge you to download the Podwalk app and get out and about the city in this fine Spring weather, so you can listen to The Advocate and the stories by the other fantastic Echoes of the City writers.

You can also read The Advocate online, as it has been published on the Echoes of the City website. You can listen to the audio of the piece on your browser, too, if wandering around Scotland’s beautiful capital city isn’t an option!