Love & Pies

Love & Pies is a brand new puzzle game where you merge tasty treats and rebuild an old cafe.

In Love & Pies, single mom Amelia leaves the big city to go and live at her mom’s countryside cafe, only to find it on fire and her mom missing! She decides to investigate the mystery of the fire and figure out where her mom went, all while serving hungry customers and renovating the cafe. A host of quirky locals help and hinder Amelia on her adventures, from her high-school ex, a bold news reporter, a quirky old friend, a tired town lawyer, flirty new acquaintances and a ruthless nemesis!

Laura is responsible for Narrative Design and Screenwriting on the game. She creates the game bible – including characters, world building, storylines and backstories – writes all episodes, dialogue, barks, etc, and contributes to digital content.

Love & Pies is available now on iTunes or Google Play around the world!