Script Development

Laura works as a script reader and script editor for production companies (not individual screenwriters).

Script Reader: providing feedback in detail or brief as required for individual and company clients (Sep 2006 – present)

Mentor: providing guidance and feedback to students undertaking an ‘Access to Industry’ film course (Dec 2009 – Apr 2010).

Script Development: Screen Academy Scotland, Script Development Workshop Leader (Jun – Aug 2008).


“LAURA ANDERSON is a friendly, intelligent and adept reader. She spots the script holes you hoped nobody would notice, and asks questions that challenge you to get the best from your writing. Laura’s read several projects of mine and they’ve always improved as a result of her feedback.” – David Bishop, author, radio dramatist and award-winning screenwriter

“Laura has read a number of my scripts and given me excellent, thought provoking feedback. She has insight into areas that may need attention and delivers her report in a sensitive and professional manner. She is reliable and very thorough; I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a script reader.” – Lucy Kaya, Screenwriter

“Laura gives thoughtful, helpful and incisive development notes. She has the knack of spotting areas within a script where additional work is needed and I will happily send further scripts to her.” – Alistair Rutherford, prize-winning Screenwriter, Radio and Theatre Dramatist

“Laura successfully completed the MA Screenwriting at Screen Academy Scotland (an exemplary student!) and then took over the organisation and leadership of a series of summer workshops for the following year’s MA students. Nothing but praise from them for the way Laura conducted these – excellent feedback, positive motivation, a fresh pair of eyes on projects at a critical time in their development. Thoroughly recommended!” – James Mavor, Programme Leader Screenwriting, Screen Academy Scotland – a Skillset Screen and Media Academy.

“Having Laura give detailed feedback on my MA Screenwriting project has been invaluable, not only did she offer creative and constructive advice, but she helped me to see other possibilities for my characters and story that have proved to be a success.  I am now able to confidently use the script as my calling card and it has already been successful in creating dialogue and a relationship with a major production company.” – Allanah Brookes, Screenwriter

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