Oh hey! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We are well overdue a catch up, you and I.

How you doing? Enjoying the sun/wind/rain? Read any good books lately? Game of Thrones is much better this season, isn’t it? Still sad about Bowie? Me too. Adam Buxton’s podcast is good, yeah. Are you excited about Rogue One?

You did WHAT at the weekend? Blimey.

What am I up to, you ask? Well…

Everything changed a lot at the end of last year, and after a few confusing and nomadic months it settled into a new, better pattern. I am now happy, content, excited, motivated, and working very, very hard (I’m also really poor, just to balance these things out*).

In (rough) order of when they happened over the last couple of months, here are a few professional things that may be of interest** (you’ll need to buy me a pint to find out the personal stuff).

I acted in a short film called Limbo, which was written and directed by Mia Maxwell. Can’t wait to see it – the shoot was intense and rewarding and the crew and my castmate were all a genuine joy to work with.

I was commissioned to write an episode of the brilliant Scottish supernatural web series Cops and Monsters. I’ll be writing Episode 5 – you can currently join our kickstarter for Episode 4 (I’ve read the script and it’s brilliant). I’ve submitted my treatment and now I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth*** into the screenplay.

I’ve won a place on the Talent Lab at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year. I’ll be there with my screenwriting hat on, touting my feature script ‘The Hen Do’ as well as a couple of other feature ideas. Hoping to make some good connections, get advice, and generally enjoy myself, as the EIFF is always great and this should make it extra special.

I’ve also won a place on Story Shop 2016 at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and will be reading one of my short stories in the Spiegeltent there. Story Shop is run by the Book Festival in partnership with the Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust, and I’m so happy to be working with them. It’s especially nice as I worked at the Book Festival for the last couple of summers and was a bit sad that I wouldn’t be back there this year – now I will be able to go and annoy my friends in the shops AND read something on stage.

What else? Well, I have a lovely part time job, work as a freelance journalist, should have a novel out later in the year, am working on a couple of very different features for my portfolio (both of which I’m really excited about), and have just found out about another exciting and as-yet- unshareable book related thing.

I’ve also embraced the joys of Aldi and Lidl, and know exactly which of them to shop at for the best value mozzarella (Lidl), porridge (Aldi) and couscous (both).

So yeah, it’s all good, ta.


* maybe I should start a patreon page for my food bills?

** when you leave it months to catch up on things, it sounds like a lot is happening and it’s mildly terrifying to think about.

*** vampire joke!