We All Fall Down – Trailer

A couple of months ago I worked on a short film, and I’m delighted to say that the trailer is now online to watch.

We All Fall Down:

We All Fall Down Trailer on Vimeo.

When two hikers find an injured man in a remote forest, their well-meaning attempts to help him could put them all in terrible danger.

We All Fall Down is a Scottish indie thriller with a horror twist. It tells the story of a man on the run, and the events that unfold as he drifts in and out of consciousness after being injured in a fall.

We filmed We All Fall Down at the very end of May on the outskirts of Edinburgh. William J Beaumont and I wrote the script together in May.

I directed the short, William produced it, and we both acted in it alongside our cinematographer Sergiu Timar.

It was a great shoot – started off as a sunny Edinburgh day, ended as a rainy Edinburgh day, but the change in weather was perfect for the film. We had fun filming, which is always a good thing, and managed to get 7 pages of script shot in about 5 hours. We were deliberately lo-key with the filming, relying on the beautiful natural light, camera quality and Sergiu’s fantastic cinematography to get the shots we wanted.

Editing duties were taken on by Timo Langer, and his skilled work has helped shape the film into a tight, taut thriller. Erik Beaumont provided sound design for us, helping to lend clarity to the sparse dialogue and atmospheric sounds of the forest.

I just finished editing the trailer yesterday – hope you enjoy! We hope to have the whole film available to view in the not-too-distant future.

Find out more: http://weallfalldownmovie.tumblr.com/