Yesterday I climbed a volcano.*

Yesterday I climbed a volcano.
A volcano in the city
Just think about it
There’s a whole city, my city, built around this thing
This enormous, majestic, amazing thing
A volcano.

Yesterday I climbed a volcano.
I went for perspective
(Big hill, small me)
Climbed up the hard way, fell down the easy way
Confident all paths led up
Or down.

Yesterday I climbed a volcano.
Reached the peak, parched, elated
Stopped at the top, took stock
The hill, the city, the future

Yesterday I climbed a volcano
On rock, grass, dirt and stone paths
All the right paths
Wondering what my right paths are
Wondering how to tell.
Can you?


* That sounds much more impressive than ‘yesterday I walked up Arthur’s Seat’, but it’s still true.