Greyfriars Bobby – Three True Tales

I recently attended a talk at the National Library of Scotland on the way that stories can shape cities.

The crux of of the talk, delivered by Edward Hollis, was this – that there is not a definitive version of a story. There may be a factually accurate one, but it’s not necessarily the one that the people know. What matters is the doing and telling of a story – not the content. By telling stories about people and places, we make them come true, and keep them alive.

A successful city will provoke people to look at it and retell its stories again and again, becoming retold itself in the process. Cities will be constructed through camera lenses, fictionalised through experiences, and reimagined in books.

Well, Edinburgh is nothing if not a successful city, and it’s home to more than one extraordinary story.

Here’s my take on three different ways we tell stories about one of Edinburgh’s most famous residents ever – Greyfriars Bobby.

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