Auld Reekie Writing

A few months ago I said I had a special announcement to make – here it is.

auld-reekie-writing-logo150I’ve founded a new Indie Publishing platform called Auld Reekie Writing. The aim is to promote the work of selected authors from Edinburgh who are indie publishing their books. It’s a hand picked group of people, all working together or with freelancers to make their indie published fiction stand out from the crowd. The idea for it came to me after I made up my business plan last year, and then listened to/read hundreds of pieces of advice on indie publishing. Seemed to me that forming a collective could be an interesting approach to it all.

There are now three authors in the Auld Reekie gang – myself, Jane Charlotte, and Alistair Rutherford.

Jane Charlotte writes Gothic romance and historical fantasy. Her first novella, Captive Moon, is a paranormal history with a magical twist, set in Victorian Edinburgh. It tells the story of a reluctant witch, Sarah Snow, whose quest to help her undead brother brings with it a lot of trouble, a sprinkling of magic and a touch of romance.

Captive Moon is free for the Easter weekend (lasting until end of today, Tuesday 07 April), so now’s the time to snap it up if you like the sound of it.

Alistair Rutherford has over fourteen years experience writing for the screen, radio, stage and page. He writes for various genres, but with Auld Reekie Writing we’re starting with his light-hearted detective series, Dex Delphi. The first book, Dex Delphi and the Gold Mine, will be released later this month, and it’s going to be a cracker.

As for me? I’m going to be publishing New Adult/Young Adult speculative books – a bit of fantasy, a bit of SF. More about that in a few months though, when it’s ‘go’ time.

It’s early days but it’s been an exciting ride so far, and we’ve lots planned the next few months. Find out more on the Auld Reekie Writing website.

Note – please don’t contact me directly if you want to know more about Auld Reekie Writing. Take a look at the Auld Reekie Writing website instead for more information.