It’s been a funny old month so far.

I was expecting February and March to be hard, and at times they were. There have been tears, sad reflections and a lot of weird anxiety related ailments, but so many good things, too.  I have tried my damnest to push through the sadness and concentrate on everything that’s good. Hard work, sometimes, but it’s been worth it.

So here’s a blog post about some positive things happening just now.

In the land of screenwriting – I wrote for OOglies, a TV show currently screening on CBBC and iPlayer. Feels rather amazing to see my name in the credits, and to see my sketches and work by talented friends on screen. I’ve also just finished a new TV drama spec script, which is the first piece of pure drama I’ve written in a while. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it, even though there was no fantasy, magical realism, science fiction or horror ANYWHERE in it.

I’ve started my daily walks again, and it’s feeling great. This spring weather is perfect for long strolls, and I highly recommend it for any writing friends, people who work from home, or anyone that needs to lift their mood. It might help. If nothing else, it makes you a bit fitter.

I’m just about to finish reading my 25th book of the year so far. I was aiming to read 75 this year in total, so I’m well on track. Highlights have been The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber, The Crucible by Arthur Miller (can’t believe I’d never read that before), and The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro (which read like it was written for me, I loved it so much).

I had a ridiculous amount of fun using a homemade pinhole camera and looking at the solar eclipse last week. It was great to chat to neighbours about it while it was happening, and to hear ‘oohs’ when Edinburgh went a little dark for a minute or two.

I’ve had some excellent chats with writer friends, made some new pals, spent time with people I love, learned lots of Shakespearean dialogue, did some random modelling, saw an excellent play, discovered the TV series Once and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and have some interesting creative partnerships and new writing plans in the works.

I even have scones, strawberries and cream to eat later.