It occurred to me at the weekend that it’s been a year since I gave up my professional career to concentrate on fiction writing.

In that time, I’ve written, edited and completed a literary fiction novel for adults, written a first draft speculative fiction novel, rewritten a YA novel, mapped out and begun writing a children’s novel, created two new screenplay treatments, written numerous short stories, worked on a BBC show, written comedy sketches, worked at a book festival and a film festival, and written huge amounts of copy for international clients. I’ve rediscovered a love of acting, read a lot, gone for long walks, visited friends and family more often than before, signed up for various courses, and learned the fine art of self motivation. I’ve also panicked about money, gone through many a crisis of confidence, sunk into the pits of despair from time to time and worried about my abilities as a writer.

It’s been amazing.

Before September 2013 I worked full time and wrote part time. Since then I’ve written full time and worked part time. In changing the balance, I’ve changed myself as well. I’ll take a few days moping about my talent and fretting about the bills in exchange for the feeling I get when I finish a story, think of a new scene, or wake up with a character talking in my head. I don’t know what the future holds, but for the moment I’m glad I chose the path that I did, and decided to do a bit of dream chasing. I’m glad I have the encouragement of my friends and family and the freedom to pursue this for a while.

I’m still at the beginning of my journey, and have a long way to go before I achieve everything I want, but the satisfaction from trying and getting this far has been fantastic.

In the wise words of Eric Cartman: “Follow your dreams, you can reach your goal. I am living proof. Beefcake, beefcake.”

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