I never wanted this blog to be something that I only update when I’m quiet, but that’s exactly what I’ve done this summer.

I’ve had good reason, but still. More blogs to come, with less of a gap between them, I promise.

If my July was busy, it had nothing on August. I worked for a few copywriting clients as well as most days of the month at the always wonderful Edinburgh International Book Festival.

The book festival was intense but great fun, and I met lots of fascinating people; colleagues, book lovers and authors alike. I only managed to see one event but I did help out with quite a few signings, the most incredible being that of George R. R. Martin – man, that guy can sign books like a machine. I’ve never seen anything like it. Must be all that practice at US conventions.

In August, I:

  • Wrote a lot less than normal – even the page a day project stopped. However, that’s because I got to the last chapter, and wanted to put it aside to read the rest of the book first! So it’s ok, really. Or so I keep telling myself.
  • Read four books – again that’s less than normal, but I spent most of my evenings packing so it’s alright.
  • Started attending a regular actor’s training class – more about that another day.
  • Moved flat.
  • Went to see Showrunners at the Filmhouse, and thoroughly enjoyed the Q&A with legendary Ronald D Moore afterwards. If you are remotely interested in TV series or writing, you should check Showrunners out when it’s on general release – it’s fantastic.
  • Met Bryan Lee O’Malley and enjoyed his talk at the book festival.
  • Bought too many books. I think I came home from the book festival with around 16. Obviously a clever thing to do for someone who was moving flat…
  • Listened to a horrifying amount of 90s music while we were cleaning our old flat.

I didn’t read much, but one book which I managed to devour was the extraordinary Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson. I also loved The Rules of Acting by Michael Simkins, which was very funny and informative.

The month in pictures:

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