June turned out to be a really busy month, mostly taken up by the Edinburgh International Film Festival but also a fair amount of freelance work.

It went quickly and I hardly had any time to read – but made up for it with films.

In June I:

  • Sketched out a new feature idea into treatment format
  • Wrote 2 comedy sketches
  • Continued writing a children’s novel
  • Wrote 1 page a day freehand
  • Read 2 books (see? Hardly any reading.)
  • Watched about 20 feature films in the cinema and another 30 or so shorts
  • Swanned about in a nice dress at the EIFF opening gala
  • Rediscovered delicious stuffed rice wraps

The only books I read were Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, which I thought was just lovely and definitely my favourite book by her so far, and Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard which was good fun.

Films I loved at the EIFF included Set Fire to the Stars, the funny documentary That Guy Dick Miller, and the amazing documentary Virunga. It was a generally inspiring event and I met lots of lovely fellow filmmakers, always a bonus.

The month in pictures:

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