A while back I started a short film blog, See Short Films.

The aim of See Short Films is to bring together short films that people could watch online. It’s basically an online channel of short films that I like. I wanted to curate a collection of interesting things, from drama to documentary, SF to comedy, music videos and inspiring shorts.

As time has gone on I’ve also included some interviews with filmmakers on there, which have been great to do. I’ve had interest in the blog from far reaching places, and it’s been great to receive messages from people who have been enjoying the films.

A strange side effect of running See Short Films is that it has inspired me in my own screenwriting. Sometimes you get so caught up in long form writing that you forget the beauty of the short, the special power they have. Imagine making something just 2 minutes long that people remember and talk about. That’s quite extraordinary when you think about it.

Due to the blog I’ve recently started to write short films again (for the first time in years) as well as sketches, and have also come up with two new feature ideas.

That’s in addition to discovering some wonderful films and filmmakers.

I have a few personal favourite films on my short film blog so far. There’s great animations on there like I Am Tom Moody and Zombie Asockalypse. Incredible science fiction like Prospect and Timeholes. Fantastic drama like SIS or the short I featured earlier today, One Man’s Loss.

I’ll be at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for the next two weeks representing See Short Films as well as my own screenwriting. I’m really looking forward to seeing the shorts they have, like the haunting The House is Black, the Bridging the Gap films and (of course) the new Scottish Shorts. If you’re there and have a short film you’d like to talk about, or want to catch up about all things film, give me a shout or look out for me lurking in the delegate centre.

In the meantime, let me know what your favourite short is and I’ll see if I can feature it on my short film blog.

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