A few weeks ago I signed up for a great new scheme, which officially launched to the public yesterday.

My Independent Bookshop allows people to pick twelve books they love and put them on display on a customised digital shop front. You can write reviews/recommendations for the books and them promote your shop to the wider world. You can also change the collection and update the books within it.

Every virtual bookshop owner on My Independent Bookshop can ‘twin’ their shopfront with a real store in the UK, so that for every book sold through a virtual bookshop, a percentage of sales goes to an independent bookshop.

It does this through the Hive network, which was founded in 2011, and supports hundreds of independents from across the UK’s bookselling community by giving people who want to shop at local, high street bookshops the ease of online shopping.

In the future I would like to see a little more customisation options – to be able to use our own backgrounds, logos etc, and also to integrate it with blogs and not just twitter/facebook – but for now it’s looking like a good site.

My first bookshop is ‘Castle of Curios’, and is filled with some of my absolute favourite books. I’ve linked it to the wonderful Transreal Fiction on Candlemaker Row.

Take a look at  Castle of Curios on My Independent Bookshop.

In real life I actually would like to open up a bookshop – however I’ve worked in a few and know they can be incredibly dangerous for my wallet, so best not.

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