Alright, I don’t want to say this every month but March was definitely too fast, yes? I mean, it was just December. Come on, time, you cruel beast.

Unfortunately I caught a delightful virus a couple of weeks into the month and was basically in my bed for a week, and am still ill. This meant my productivity took a huge dive, unless you count watching TV series on netflix in bed productive (do you?).

This month, I:

  • Kept on with the rewrite of a YA novel
  • Wrote 1 page a day for my freehand book, although I was so ill I forgot to do it one day. However I made the page up, and feel fine about it. Honestly.
  • Wrote 1 short story
  • Have started writing a new comedy screenplay
  • Immensely enjoyed the performance of Ralph Fiennes in Grand Hotel Budapest
  • Made a pact with myself to watch less television (this may in part be due to the netflix addiction)
  • Read 6 books, including a couple of epics, and abandoned a few more
  • Became a Google City Expert for Edinburgh
  • Pondered this defence of adverbs
  • Listened to A Change is Gonna Come a lot

Books read have included Wool by Hugh Howey, which I’ve been meaning to read for a while, and Under the Skin Michel Faber. My favourites have been Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi and Magician by Raymond E. Feist. Magician felt incredibly familiar and comforting to read. You can’t beat a fantasy epic when you’re ill.

Here’s the month in pictures:

Above – glorious sunsets in Edinburgh last week


We went to see Mogawi at the Usher Hall. They were so good, and so loud, that I couldn’t hear properly for about 3 days.


Made time to go wandering around the Old Town, which I love. This is outside the old Gladstone’s Land tenement.


Pottering about Dean Village


Selfie before I caught the lurgy


Selfie after I caught the lurgy. *


Trying to rekindle my love of screenwriting on paper rather than PC.

* Of course not, this was at the Camera Obscura Google event and I am obviously dressed as a deer, see?

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