February has been another quick month, and a good one in both research and writing terms.

In short, I have:

  • Finished rewriting my novel to a point that I’m now happy with it (I could tinker with it forever but that’s not productive) – it is DONE
  • Written two short stories – one SF, one fantasy
  • Continued to write a freehand page a day of a new YA novel
  • Outlined, researched and begun to write another YA novel – I have rough drafts for this, but it needs a bit of work
  • Embraced and grown to love Scrivener, especially for rewriting. It’s amazing.
  • Read eleven books (seems a lot)
  • Made batches of vegan Chesapeake tempeh cakes from PPK (they are so good)
  • Added Under the Skin to the list of films I’m looking forward to – Michel Faber has fast become one of my favourite authors so will be nice to see this
  • Learned how to peel a banana like a monkey
  • Watched a lot of outrageously good British comedy – more about that in another post

As intended, I have read a fair number of YA books the last few weeks. Stand out reads from the month include Tinder by Sally Gardner, Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Liani Taylor, Blood Red Road by Moira Young and The Giver by Lois Lowry.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I’ve been on a walking tour of Edinburgh this month, and have also made time to visit the Field of Light at St Andrews Square and the Chinese Warrior Lanterns which were on over Chinese New Year. Hoping to slot in time for museum visits and at least one trip to the cinema in the next few weeks.

Here’s the month in pictures:

Above – Field of Light

Chinese Lanterns by Laura Anderson

Chinese Warrior Lanterns

Spring Flowers by Laura Anderson

Starting to feel like spring!

Last Draft by Laura Anderson

The last printout of the novel, ready for final edits by me

Edinburgh Old Town by Laura Anderson

Edinburgh Old Town looking all pretty

Library Pirate by Laura Anderson

Literary aaarrtwork outside the NLS while it’s given a makeover

Calton Hill by Laura Anderson

Calton Hill as the sun is about to set on an evening stroll

Too much cake by Laura Anderson

I’m eating too much cake. I don’t know where this sweet tooth has come from, but I don’t like it.

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