I can’t believe it’s December already. Where is the time going?!

November was my first month splitting my time between my own writing (fiction) and freelance work (mainly copywriting just now). It’s gone well, and I’ve had a productive and happy month writing.

Here’s the month in numbers:

Books written: 1 (!)
Words written: 28,761
Days of writing: 22
Avg. Words per writing day: 1,307
Books read: 6+

So, as you can see from my figures above, I have completed the first draft of my novel. Hurrah! I finished last Thursday, and treated myself to a couple of days away from the PC.

I’m really happy with the book so far, especially with certain parts of it. The novel  has quite an experimental structure, and I’ve been writing different ‘segments’ of it this month than I did last month. This has meant I’ve written less words per day than last month – it’s not standard prose now and I can’t quite launch into it in the same way each day – but I’m very pleased with what I’ve written. It also, happily, means that I had a huge chunk of the book aside for a month without looking at it, and now feel ready to start a rewrite on that section. I know a good 10,000 words is going to be immediately culled and replaced with the same words, in a different order.

I have also pitched my book, entered a short story competition, and started making plans for what to do with it in the New Year.

Books read have included the amazing The Crimson Petal and the White, Fingersmith and The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century. I loved them all. I’ve started using Goodreads again, for the most part – find me on Goodreads as Missread.

Here’s a quick summary of the month in pictures:

Top of the page – Edinburgh Castle looking spiffy by sunset

Fiona Heather Popup Shop

Visiting my amazing sister in law Fiona Heather (above, making a bow tie to order!) at her special popup shop for gents in Edinburgh, which took place over the weekend.


Enjoying cake with a friend in a cafe. Unrelated, appear to have developed sweet tooth since going self-employed.2013-nov-google

Attending a brilliant Google event called ‘The Edinburgh Experiment’ in Summerhall, where we experimented with tastes.2013-nov-hot

Succumbing to the charms of a hot water bottle on my knees while writing.


Seeing Sigur Ros in Edinburgh, who sounded amazing.


Making an attempt to keep up the daily walks for inspiration and to work off aforementioned cake and sweet things.

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