This week sees two celebrations of Scottish culture taking place at the same time, both of which are rather up my street.

Firstly, it’s Scotland’s History Festival: Previously… Previously has been on since the 13 November (since Robert Louis Stevenson day), and runs until 30 November so there’s still plenty time to book into an event. I’m going to a fair few of them – walks around historic houses, talks in the library and some other bits and bobs. A lot of the events are free, which is an added bonus.

I went to a great Previously… talk at the National Library of Scotland this afternoon called ‘Petticoats and Pinnacles’ – all about Scottish female mountaineers. It was really inspiring – I can’t imagine hiking up a rock face with skirts on – but a highlight was a lovely short film from the Scottish Screen Archive – B. H. Humble’s ‘In Days Of Old‘ which you can watch online.

NLS is home to a few of the mystery book sculptures that have been left around Edinburgh over the last few years – including the one pictured above which celebrates Treasure Island – which makes for a nice segue into the second cultural celebration I will be enjoying this week.

Book Week Scotland is on from 25 November to 01 December and celebrates books and reading in Scotland. It’s organised by the Scottish Book Trust, and there are lots of events on around the country and activities etc on their website. I’ve been to one event so far, and have another couple lined up which should be interesting.

I quite like their ‘Who in fiction are you?’ quiz, although I don’t necessarily like who I got (Emma from One Day). The most annoying this about this is that when I read One Day I identified horribly with the character. My dad got Dumbledore, one friend Hermione and another Lizzie Bennett, and they are all very happy (and also quite close to the characters!).

Have you taken the test? Who did you get?

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