A quick post on what I’m doing with my days, now that I am my own boss.

The Plan:

  • Wake at 8am, breakfast, run, clean self and be at desk for 9am.
  • Write for 3.5 hours, break for lunch, do housework, go for brisk walk, return to desk for 2pm.
  • Write for 3.5 hours, stop in state of peace and fulfilment.
  • Dinner, discussion, reading, early night.

The Reality:

  • Ignore alarm and fall asleep until partner leaves for work at 8.30am.
  • Slump out of bed, shuffle around flat in fleece dressing gown. Drink coffee, watch amusing animal videospin recipes.
  • At desk for 10-10.30am, research, daydream, procrastinate, fall into trap of link-clicking until find self researching lifestyle of 80s Brat Pack members.
  • Write 1,000 words in a frenzy, break for lunch at 1pm.
  • Eat lunch and clean already clean flat, bake unnecessary items, take lazy stroll to local duck pond.
  • Return to desk at 2.30pm and glare at Word document for approx 1 hour, before another feverish bout of writing.
  • Stop writing when wrist hurts.
  • Dinner, discussion, reading, lie awake for hours wondering what characters will do next.

I’m loving it.

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