I’m three days into my new writing life, and enjoying myself immensely so far.

I’ve written part time for most of my adult life, slotting as much in to evenings and weekends as I can, and it’s quite wonderful to be able to concentrate on nothing but writing my own fiction full-time.

I’m hoping to dedicate the whole of October to writing a novel. It’s a page one rewrite of a novel I wrote during Nanowrimo a few years ago, with a totally new structure and other plots helping to reshape it into something bolder and, hopefully, better. I pitched the idea to a few people at Pitch Live last weekend and it was fairly well received: enough that I feel more confident than normal in writing it.

The only problem just now is that I feel more like I’m on holiday from work than self-employed. Self discipline is going to be key!

Pictured above is a beautiful present my partner gave me to celebrate the start of my new writing life.


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