I was born as an ill wind blew through Edinburgh, and I haven’t been able to get my hair right since.

Shortlisted for New Writers Award 2012/2013, from Scottish Book Trust and Creative Scotland.

Participant on She Writes 2010/2011 from the Script Factory and Birds Eye View.

Laura has dabbled in maths, in accountancy, in retail and marketing. She has been paid to dress as Princess Leia, to force drunk authors to sign books, and to teach people the correct way to look after injured pigeons.

No matter where her career decisions have led her, however, Laura has always followed the path back to words. She wanders down a wynd with sentences. She saunters through the streets beside prose and fiction, screenplays and the occasional bad poem or song (she know her limitations). Her legs are scratched as she runs through the rushes with stories.

Both her fiction and screenwriting have, at their heart, a search for truth, with a focus on the relationships between women. She mixes genres and twists fairy tales and myth to help achieve this, and lets the story dictate the form that her writing will take.

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